Rachel Ni

Lecturer in Physiotherapy

+44 (0)1473 338139
School of Allied Health Sciences
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Rachel Ni is a specialist respiratory physiotherapist who specialises within the community setting working with patients with COPD and other respiratory conditions. She has completed further courses in taking ABGs, venous bloods and can prescribe certain medications under a PGD.

Rachel has been a qualified physiotherapist and member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) since 2017. Over the years Rachel has worked in multiple settings within MSK and NHS settings from paediatrics to stroke and has a wealth of experience in different settings such as community, inpatient, ITU and outpatients.

In 2017, Rachel qualified from Robert Gordon University, in Scotland, with a degree in Physiotherapy (BSc Hons). Since then, she has completed a masters module in Clinical Assessment with Anglia Ruskin University and due to complete PGCap and COPD masters courses.

Rachel wishes to complete her non-medical prescribing module in due course and working towards becoming an advanced clinical respiratory practitioner.

Rachel is new to teaching and been employed by University of Suffolk since Sept '22. The physiotherapy team at University of Suffolk, under the lead of Danielle Ramsey, have created a new physiotherapy course and have designed and produced the content and exams from scratch. They have successfully completed first year. Rachel has supervised and been clinical educator for many students within the NHS setting.

  • Member of HCPC (Health Care and Professions Council)
  • Member of CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapists)
  • Member of the ACPRC (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care)