Dr Gwyn Lord

Visiting Senior Fellow in Life Sciences

Research Directorate

Gwyn was a Part-time Lecturer at UCS for over 3 years until summer 2015 and now works Part-time as a Senior Toxicologist for Public Health England at Harwell Science Campus near Oxford. His BSc in Chemistry and Physiology was followed by a number of roles as a Scientist in Nutrition Research, Water Analysis and Pharmaceutical R&D before returning to academia for a PhD in the Biochemistry of Food Colours.  Postdoctoral Research followed at the Michael Barber Centre for Mass Spectrometry, University of Manchester involving the development of techniques for coupling chromatography to mass spectrometers.

Gwyn then worked for many years as a Scientist for the Medical Research Council, initially at the Toxicology Unit, University of Leicester then in the Bio-analytical Research Group at Birkbeck College, University of London where he was also a Part-time Lecturer and Visiting Research Fellow.  He has been involved with supervision of many student projects over the years, helping students achieve their BSc, MSc or PhD whilst also being a PhD Examiner at several Universities.  He has been a Member of Royal Society of Chemistry committees and a reviewer for several Journals.  

His research interests involve the development and application of chromatographic techniques and mass spectrometry to the analysis of bio-molecules.