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Vicky Lucas

Course Lead in MSc Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Counselling

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Vicky Lucas

School of Social Sciences and Humanities


Victoria Lucas has been employed as a Mental Health Nurse & Psychotherapist for 19 years working in a range of settings; forensic, substance misuse, adult mental health and children and adolescents, veterans and is a University Lecturer.  Victoria is an accredited therapist and supervisor with the BABCP, currently working in hands, PTSD with Veterans and is a Lecturer at the University of Suffolk.  Victoria is passionate about driving forward quality services and has a proven track record having been part of the initial children’s IAPT services and the development/implementation of user participation. She has advanced and innovated the quality of care provided in times of austerity through effective supervision, training, and the design of evidence-based group work.  Her appointment into hands (Pulvertaft Unit) has seen a CBT pathway developed which has been pioneering within a physical care setting.  She won the inclusion award at the Royal Derby Hospital.