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Ufuoma Egbegbedia

Research Administrator

Research Directorate

Ufy Egbegbedia photo B+W

Ufuoma Egbegbedia

Institute of Health and Wellbeing

E: U.Egbegbedia2@UOS.AC.UK

Ufuoma is an Environmental and Sustainability Analyst with experience in environmental impact assessment, and corporate social responsibility, responsible for overseeing the environmental performance of private, public, and voluntary sector organizations. Experienced in examining corporate activities to determine where improvements can be made and ensuring compliance with environmental legislations across the organization to create, implement and monitor environmental strategies which promote sustainable development.

Ufuoma is currently pursuing a PhD in Sustainability with the Suffolk Doctoral College at the University of Suffolk. As part of her role in the Institute of Health and Wellbeing, Ufuoma provides administrative support in all matters relating to the research project ‘NE Essex Neighbourhoods Evaluation’ by working together with team members to enhance social, economic and environmental factors to increase health and wellbeing.

As part of previous experience, Ufuoma has been privileged to provide valued services to corporations on issues of environmental degradation, contamination, and sustainable development. With a strong background in social and environmental policies and proven business development acumen. Ufuoma is a seasoned sustainability personnel, familiar with local and international business potentials, favourably disposed to support the sustainable growth of both government and non-governmental organisations. Outside of work, Ufuoma is a member of the Anti-Racism Collective Group, and the Global Majority (Black and Asian Minority) Group. She enjoys visiting new places, exploring new scents, and dancing like no one's watching!