Christopher supports a wide range of teaching across the politics and wider social science programmes at Suffolk, including Comparative Politics, Current Political Disputes, Political Argumentation and Persuasion and a range of social science research methods modules.

As Associate Dean for Learning, Teaching and Student Experience, Christopher is responsible for co-ordinating the school’s strategic approach to learning and teaching across its portfolio, as well as having oversight over the delivery of learning and teaching.

Christopher’s research interests are focused on sub-national politics and devolution, the role of local and regional government in European Union politics, and the UK-EU relationship.

Together with colleagues from the University of the West of Scotland, Christopher has recently completed work on an ESRC-funded project to understand the impact of Brexit on UK fisheries policy. This project, which is part of The UK in a Changing Europe, explored what lessons the UK can learn from other non-EU countries such as Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands, and also examines how the repatriation of fisheries policy from the EU will affect the UK’s devolution settlement.


Selected publications (see ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0108-7887 for full listing)

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Christopher’s research has led to extensive knowledge exchange and public engagement, including evidence submissions to and appearance before UK Parliament Select Committees, briefing to and appearances before the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly and briefings to UK government departments, including Defra and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Erasmus+ Mobility to Maastricht University, The Netherlands, in February 2023.

Taught master’s programme in cross-border co-operation at Sciences Po in the University of Strasbourg, France in January 2020.

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AdvanceHE).

Member of UACES (committee member and member of Teaching Working Group).

Member of  the Political Studies Association.