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Dr Christopher Huggins

Senior Lecturer in Politics


Dr Christopher Huggins

T: 01473 338034

Dr Christopher Huggins joined the University of Suffolk as Senior Lecturer in Politics in July 2018.

Christopher was awarded his PhD from the University of Portsmouth in 2015. Before joining Suffolk, he held positions at Keele University, the University of Aberdeen and the University of the West of Scotland.

Christopher’s main research interests surround subnational politics, European Union politics and Brexit. In particular, his research focuses on the European and international engagement activities of local authorities and the impact of Brexit on local government. Christopher is also part of a project team working to understand the impact of Brexit on UK fisheries policy. This project, which is part of The UK in a Changing Europe, explores what lessons the UK can learn from other non-EU countries such as Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands, and also examines how the repatriation of fisheries policy from the EU will affect the UK’s devolution settlement

Christopher is also co-editor of the Journal of Contemporary European Research.


Latest publications:

McAngus, C., Huggins, C., Connolly, J. & van der Zwet, A. (2018). The Politics and Governance of UK Fisheries after Brexit. Political Insight, 9(3), 8-11. 

McAngus, C., Huggins, C., van der Zwet, A., & Connolly, J. (2018). Governing UK fisheries after Brexit - lessons from Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands. 

Huggins, C. (2018). Subnational government and transnational networking: the rationalist logic of local level Europeanization. Journal of Common Market Studies.

Huggins, C. (2018). Subnational transnational networking and the continuing process of local-level Europeanization. European Urban and Regional Studies, 25(2), 206-227

Huggins, C. (2018). The Future of Cohesion Policy in England: Local Government Responses to Brexit and the Future of Regional Funding. Cuadernos Europeos de Deusto, 58, 131-153. 
Huggins, C. (2018). Building Cross-Border Governance in the Channel / La Manche Region: Successes and Failures. In B. Wassenberg (ed.). Castle-talks on Cross-Border Cooperation Fear of Integration? The Pertinence of the Border. Stuttgart: Steiner-Verlag.