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Asymptomatic testing programme for Coronavirus

Government guidance makes it clear that all students who have returned to a hall of residence and/or are accessing campus are required to be tested. As previously communicated, asymptomatic testing for all students will be offered between 4 January – 28 February 2021 and will continue in the old gym on the edge of Athena Hall. An appointment for your test can be made online at or by calling 0333 7726144 .

All students (commuter or in halls/private accommodation) for the practical subjects listed who will be arriving on campus from the 4th January or who need to access the campus under one of the other criteria are required to take two tests within a three-day testing window. Students should minimise social contact until two negative test results have been confirmed. In addition, students who have stayed on campus over the winter break and have had social contact with others within the previous 10 days should also be tested. Any student who chooses not to access the testing will need to self-isolate for 10 days before accessing the campus.

The testing centre is located underneath Athena Hall, in the former Gym and will be available from 4 – 28