Quality Assurance

For the University of Suffolk, maintaining and enhancing the quality of our provision is paramount. It is not enough for our students to gain awards which are consistent with the standards expected of the higher education sector - we want them to have the best possible learning experience on the way. This means listening to our students and working with them to continuously improve what we do. 

It is important for the University of Suffolk to ensure that what we deliver aligns with the standards expected of higher education in the UK. We do this by making sure that we are regularly scrutinised by academics from elsewhere in the university sector who are able to offer valuable advice on our provision. This includes regular feedback from the external examiners appointed to each of our courses and external input in the development and ongoing review of our courses. In addition, where appropriate, we have sought external accreditation of our courses by professional bodies. Extensive input from employers also serves to ensure that our provision is vocationally relevant and improves the employability of our graduates. 

University of Suffolk Quality Manual

Course approval, modification and review

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Information on our course approval, modification and review processes 

Quality monitoring and enhancement

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Our risk-based approach to quality monitoring (known as RiME)

External examiner arrangements

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How we use external examiners to assure quality and standards

Quality assurance of partnership activity

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Information on how we manage the quality of partnership provision

Student representation and feedback

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Information on how we engage students in quality processes

Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies

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Find out more about the University's links with a range of PSRBs

Forms, templates and guides

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Find all quality-related forms, templates and guides

External quality review

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Information on the outcomes of external quality reviews 

About the Quality Team

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Information and contact details for the Quality Team