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Yossico Stephanie

Graduate in MBA


Yossico Stephanie

I chose to study the MBA at the University of Suffolk after an agent in Indonesia recommended it to me  as an ideal qualification to develop my knowledge of strategic management. I found it to be an amazing experience as it gave me the opportunity to work with other people from a variety of backgrounds, all with a wealth of experience in the workplace, and we were able to learn from each other. I was the youngest student on the MBA programme and this was so valuable to me.

Studying at Suffolk gave me the chance to study in a relaxing environment where I could focus on my studies. International Business Strategy was my favourite module; it offered the chance to take part in a trip to Boston, USA in the second term, which was another reason why I chose to study the MBA at the University of Suffolk. The trip entailed visiting a company in Boston and working on a real life case study, researching possible options, and then presenting our ideas.

Another particularly great part of this course was having the opportunity to present our work to the class once a week. This improved my confidence and made the learning more interactive, rather than just sitting in lectures.