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Yasmin Fryer

BSc(Hons) Person-Centred Counselling, Class of 2015

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Yasmin Fryer

Counsellor and Psychotherapist, NHS Wellbeing Service

My name is Yasmin Fryer and I graduated from UCS, now University of Suffolk, in 2015 having completed 3 years studying Person-centred Counselling under the brilliant tutelage of Mr Peter Baumbach.

I attended my graduation ceremony and received a B.A. Hons. I felt such a sense of pride as Counselling Training is not only an academic course, but it also requires hard work and commitment to personal development too.

I chose Gt. Yarmouth/UCS as I felt it would be a better fit for me and having met Peter for an initial interview, I felt comfortable straight away. Many of the early course work projects helped me focus on how best to deliver my work in a way that had academic clarity. The course also helped me understand how best to structure my time and effort without feeling stressed. Completing my 2nd year gave me the push I needed (as well as lots of encouragement) to go for the final degree year.

I was able to find placements at Mind in Norwich and at The Sue Lambert Trust. Both charities gave me a real flavour of what it would be like to work as a Counsellor. In my final degree year, I was eligible for a Student Grant. I was appreciative of the help and support I gained from student services.

Very soon after graduating I learnt that Mind, the mental health charity was employing counsellors. I didn’t lose any time and applied straight away. I felt so passionate about my studies and knew I had experience of working in other sectors which I could bring to the interview. I was successful and started my role as Counsellor within the NHS Wellbeing Service based in Gt. Yarmouth, not far from where I had studied.

Six years later and I am still employed within the NHS Wellbeing Service as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, seeing clients from all walks of life; helping them to understand and deal with difficulties they are experiencing. I love what I do and have even progressed further in my studies. Without the dedication and belief of the teaching staff at UCS I wouldn’t have thought it possible.

Apart from the teaching staff, my favourite memory must be ‘Bob’ the Biology lab skeleton that we named and took selfies with.