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Vanessa Sandri

BA (Hons) Architecture

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Vanessa Sandri

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I moved to England two years ago to gain experience and to improve my English. I chose to study at the University of Suffolk because it offers great opportunities for the future, and after visiting the University during an open day, I realised that here you are recognised as an individual rather than ‘one of many’.

During the Architecture degree there are a lot of different activities and opportunities for me to challenge myself and to start thinking as a future Architect. The structure and content of the degree are excellent with a mix of seminars, tutorials with professionals, site visits and study trips.

I have always been passionate about Architecture. I studied as a surveyor in Italy and have my high school degree in the subject; I have always known I would ultimately pursue a career as an Architect. I am fascinated by architecture because I think it is art; to project something that needs to relate to the environment and be eco-sustainable at the same time.

I am enjoying and appreciating every single module of the degree so far: during the first year, I loved the process of making a floating dwelling on River Orwell and learnt a lot from the study of many different details of structures and joint parts of the Arts building; and during the second year, we now have the opportunity to understand Architecture from many different perspectives, thinking as a future Architect.

Being taught by Architects, is a great way to gain proper experience. The University is also really focused on the experience of the single student. Opportunities to find the work experience or explore possible career options are offered during first, second and third year.

As an Architecture student, the ability to visit places around Suffolk are very useful. Thanks to the numerous trips around Suffolk and in London, my knowledge of Architecture has been significantly developed. Since starting my university journey, the way in which I look at the surrounding world has changed. Being passionate and seeking the unknown, have been key for me to fully embrace and enjoy the university experience.