Shaun Beckett

Timetabling and data Support Manager

+44 (0)1473 338475
Finance and Planning

Shaun manages the Academic Rooming Team, as part of the larger Planning, Management & Information Team. He is responsible for the institutional timetabling process, and oversees a large proportion of the actual rooming allocation in regards to student teaching. His team also looks after ad-hoc bookings for the majority of spaces across the campus.

Totally unrelated to the rooming and timetabling components of his role, Shaun is responsible for the mandatory returns that the university produces for Health Education England (HEE). This involves co-ordinating a variety of data-sets based upon those courses funded by or monitored by the HEE, and responding to any queries resulting from the data that is submitted.

In the final years of the last century, Shaun obtained a degree in Business & Information Technology from Suffolk College, then started work at that very same institution a year later as a data inputter. He has seen a lot of change over that time (including the transformation of the college into a fully-fledged university) – and has had a lot of different views from the many desks at which he has sat.