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Sarah Clark

BA (Hons) English - Class of 2021 and MA Creative & Critical Writing - Class of 2022

Picture - Sarah Clark

Sarah Clark

My name is Sarah Clark, and I graduated from the University of Suffolk with a BA(Hons) English first class degree in 2021 and went on to graduate with a Distinction in the MA Creative and Critical Writing in 2022.

I had always wanted to study English, but circumstances had meant that I wasn't in a position to follow my dream until the age of 47. I was over the moon when I was accepted - having not been in a formal classroom since the early nineties when I'd studied A Levels at evening classes.

I was nervous about starting such a big project but I absolutely loved it. My cohort were enthusiastic, lectures were engaging, and the lecturers so passionate that I loved every minute of the English BA and my confidence soared. I should also add that I had to organise reasonable adjustments to sit two exams in my first year, which were arranged with no fuss or problem, and I was very grateful for.

I can honestly say that while the 2020/21 academic years were difficult due to Covid 19, it was probably my course and the people involved with it that kept me sane; studying was an escape from all the awful things that were going on at the time and losing myself in a bit of Modernist literature or researching for my dissertation were my refuge.

I graduated with a First in 2021 but had already decided that I wasn't done with studying yet. I enrolled on the Creative and Critical Writing MA, and graduated in October 2022 with a Distinction. Since leaving, I have joined the University of Cambridge's THIS Institute, working in research communications.

I would highly recommend the English BA and Creative & Critical Writing MA courses to anyone - of any age. The quality of the teaching is so high, the tutors are always helpful, and the courses are challenging but approachable. I can understand why the courses always score so highly for student satisfaction.

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