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Ryan Harding

Photography Graduate

Ryan Harding

I chose to study at Suffolk as the course was well spoken of by people who had completed it and the work I had seen from previous years was of a very high quality. Studying there, for me, was incredibly enjoyable because I was able to work towards my personal goals. The course combined theoretical practices with technical training and allowed me to create work I wanted to make. Studying an art form as a discipline helped me to grow as a person and a technician.

Since graduating I have worked for many companies and photographers as a freelance Retoucher. I continued to build my technical skill set and as of two years ago I began working full time at a media agency in Essex. I am now a senior photographer/Retoucher and have created still imagery and advertising content for some of the biggest retailers and manufacturers in the world.

The most fulfilling part of my career has just been to take home a wage doing something that I love. Earning money from something that started as a hobby is an achievement that the University helped me to accomplish.

The best advice I was given during my time at University was to never stop creating and learning. We were pushed to use every opportunity to learn more about our craft for future employability. The best advice I would give is to never stop pushing for your place in the world. It's not always who you know; if you have the ability then someone will notice, if you show them.