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Ryan Edge

BA Hons Photography, Class of 2017

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Ryan Edge

Ophthalmic (Medical) Photographer 

Norfolk and Norwich Hospital

I chose UCS/ Uni of Suffolk because my college (City College Norwich) has very good relationship with them. After visiting the campus and the lecturers I really felt like it was somewhere I could settle. Ipswich and the University seemed very up and coming and I found that very attractive. The atmosphere on campus and the waterfront was so welcoming as well.

I think my course helped me with the world of work by engaging in critiques and learning to listen to other people's opinions and constructive feedback to being encouraged to contact professional photographers and artists to donate their work to our fundraising auction for our end of year show. Professional practice enabled me to visit Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital to have a tour of the medical photography department and speak to people working in my chosen profession.

After graduation I wanted to start a career in medical photography back in Norwich where I’m from. A temporary maternity cover trainee position came up at the hospital and I thought I would just apply for it. I never thought I would be offered the job. After being there for a year I was fortunate that a permanent role came up and the hospital wanted to keep me on. I have now worked for them for 4 years I have learned so much and feel very confident and happy in my role. The University allowed me to reach my potential and do what i wanted to do in life.

I'm a Ophthalmic Photographer in the Eye Clinic at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Ophthalmic Photography is a form of Medical Photography. I take and perform diagnostic imaging scans and photographs of the eye for the doctors for the treatment and diagnosis of various eye conditions such as glaucoma, macula degeneration and diabetic retinopathy among many more. 

It is a rewarding job because I am helping lots of people every day to preserve their sight.