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Ross McCrory

BA (Hons) History

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Ross McCrory

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I chose to study History at the University of Suffolk for several reasons. The content, for one thing, is excellent. It begins by providing a fundamental foundation of skills and content before presenting more specific choices that allow you to specialise or to remain quite broad. The variety in the choice of modules is great, you get to sample lots of different methodologies and types of history, which in some cases can be quite interdisciplinary, which I enjoy.

The lecturers are also specialists in the fields they teach, and we get plenty of contact with them. They have an enormous amount of insight, which they are only too willing to impart. They always ensure sessions are active and interactive; their passion is very evident. Feedback on assessment itself is always detailed and incredibly helpful. They strike just the right balance of support and intellectual challenge. We are treated as individuals and the size of the institution means we get personalised and fully captivating teaching. I feel very lucky to have this.

For me, it is not just knowledge you gain on as part of the degree but skills. This has been a brilliant aspect of it. Even in content-based modules, you are not just learning ‘history’ but how to be a historian and what history means. This continual investigation into the human condition and the process of studying the past has been an invaluable element of the course. Not least because these things are transferable to life outside of university.

In relation to this, the chance to focus on public history and employability is a great addition to the course. As a prospective teacher, for example, the opportunities I have had to explore this from different perspectives will be extremely useful when I enter the world of work.

The University has a wonderful ambience and provides plenty of opportunities for students to excel inside and outside the classroom. Student life is exciting, whether you are a native to Suffolk or not! I have been privileged to be on a course with fellow students who, like the lectures themselves, are engaging and come from different backgrounds. This has made for fascinating discussions.

Joining the University of Suffolk has been an excellent choice for me and is exactly what I look for in an educational institution. The knowledge and skills with which I have been equipped have fully prepared me to progress to postgraduate study after graduating.