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Faces of Suffolk



Graphic Design (Graphic Illustration) student 

I’ve always been the arty, creative one. Where there were flaws and struggles with my dyslexia, I overcame it and tried not to see it as a negative, but as a positive.

It was my mum who realised it when I was about five or six. She rang the school who said ‘she’s just lazy’ and it wasn’t until high school that I was diagnosed with dyslexia.

I always struggled with reading and I thought, is it me? I used to feel a bit left out and sometimes it got me down, but where I struggled, I had my creative side which was much stronger.

I’ve always enjoyed art. I like to put personality in to my drawings and give them a sense of humour. I believe that having dyslexia can help you see things differently and to see things from a new angle.

I want to go in to children’s book illustration or work for someone like Cartoon Network or Disney. I’d love to be a character designer – that’s my goal.

My advice to others would be to keep going at it - focus on what you love doing and if you’re struggling with dyslexia, speak to someone. Don’t be ashamed of it, and don’t let it stop you.

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