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Rosemary Willers

Lecturer in Social Work

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Rosemary Willers

School of Social Sciences and Humanities

T: 01473 338527

Rosemary’s academic career begun as a mature student undertaking an Access to Higher Education Certificate in English Literature, Psychology, and Sociology in 1997.  Following a challenging relationship with education in 1998 Rosemary was diagnosed with dyslexia and has used her experiences to advocate for the widening participation in higher education.  Human Right and Social Justice has been forefront in Rosemary’s social work professional and academic career, more recently linking these values to the concept of ‘Green Social Work’, as defined by Professor Leana Dominelli (2012).  The concept of Green Social Work links environmental justice with social justice by recognising that environmental issues are inherently economically and politically linked to human health and welfare, and fundamental to the promotion of social change, empowerment and the liberation of people.  Values that link both Rosemary’s professional and personal life.