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Roseanne Ganley

BA(Hons) English 2016

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Roseanne Ganley

If someone had said to me I would be graduating with a Distinction at Master’s level from the University of Essex, I would have refused to believe them. Yet here I am, and I could not be happier nor prouder of all I have achieved!

In my first year of Undergraduate study at the University of Suffolk, I struggled to even pass some of my assignments. I was adamant that University wasn’t the right place for me. That I wasn’t good enough. But, in my second year I turned things drastically around. I worked hard. I took advantage of all the opportunities available to me. I became the Course Rep in my final year, volunteered to teach a group of Czech students Shakespeare and poetry, raised money to climb Snowdon, provided guidance and support to my peers in any which way possible. I would often sit with them in the library and explaining how to best structure an essay, for  example. It was at this point that I started to believe anything was possible. I became passionate about travelling, the nature vs. Culture divide, the way humans interact with non-human beings.

After Undergraduate study, I was inspired to face the real world, and ended up working for the Students’ Union as a Digital Coordinator. I always knew at some point though, that I wanted to pursue further study. Expand my horizons. After taking time out of full-time work due to my struggles with anxiety and depression, which took a toll on my self-confidence and ability to be motivated, or passionate about anything, I knew something in me had to change. I took a risk. I applied to study at Essex by chance. And it was the best decision I have ever made. From knowing how to write a Conservation Management Plan, to writing on Virginia Woolf’s narrative discourse in the Age of the Humachine, or understanding the human relationship with technology, I am more knowledgeable than ever before. Next up, PhD.

Never give up. Never stop giving. Never stop believing in yourself. Make your passion your lifestyle. Invest in yourself. Be the best you can be, for you.