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Roseanne and Emily

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Roseanne and Emily

"You are probably thinking that this is just another happy ending to a love story, but truth is, our journey together so far has been far from easy! 

We first met back in our second year at the University of Suffolk, in 2015. I was at the time studying BA Hons English, while Emily was studying for her Fine Art degree. 

We had been asked to collaborate with the Art department for the end of semester degree show and wrote a series of poems and short stories for the Art students to interpret. I remember mine quite clearly; "Amnesia: I forgot what I said." - a short, six word extract had brought Emily and I together, like a blind date, but instead using words to capture her attention. 

The collaboration went well and from then onwards, we started hanging out together in the library and having super early 7am starts during our final year, to make sure we both worked hard to obtain our degrees. The majority of our first few months together were far from plain-sailing and I was going through a difficult time with my mental health. I wasn't in the best of places and often found that going out, drinking and partying was part of my normal routine. 

But, Emily helped me through those dark times and together, we encouraged one another by staying on campus until late at night to work on our dissertations and final submissions for degree show. We made it official towards the end of 2016 that we were a couple and began working towards our future together. We have since then, both worked incredibly hard to get to where we are now. We have been travelling together, supported one another through our Master's degrees, attended exhibitions and conferences together, worked late nights, spent a fortune on books, changed our lifestyles and encouraged one another to achieve our wildest dreams. 

We now own our own house in Stowmarket, a 3-year old Lurcher called Abi adopted from the Dogs Trust and Emily is now a Lecturer in Digital Media at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, while I am a Digital Marketing Executive at Midwich and doing a PhD in environmental literature part-time at the University of Essex.

We have always been firm believers that Pride month should be a victory celebration of love, respect and of success and have never let our sexuality get in the way of achieving what we want to achieve. We have always been met with huge support from our friends, family, colleagues, teachers and loved ones and feel lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives."