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Rob Brooks

Rob Brooks

Rob Brooks

Rob Brooks, an inventive entrepreneur, started his first business at the age of nine and retired from commercial life at the age of 55 following his wife’s diagnosis of advanced lung cancer.

It was his exposure to clinical and palliative care that helped him understand that not all opportunities or options were open to people going through the traumatic effects of terminal illness.

Being a firm believer in the positive effects of woodlands and the benefits that nature can give, he undertook a small study of existing clinical trials.

The charity, Eden-Rose Coppice Trust was formed.

In 2007, it purchased a very poor woodland in the centre of Sudbury, Suffolk. Ten years later, the Sudbury site alone has helped over 200 people and their families through tough times and groups of children each week with additional needs.

Today Rob heads up four sites developed for palliative care alongside education skills including Brickmakers Wood, adjacent to the University of Suffolk campus.