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Professor Tarik Al-Shemmeri

Visiting Professor of Renewable Energy

Prof. Tarik Al Shemmeri

Professor Tarik Al-Shemmeri

School of Engineering, Arts, Science & Technology



Professor of renewable Energy, Lecturing and research into renewable energy and power generation. Director of ARBOR “The European center of excellence for Biomass to Energy, a €7.3 million project leading 13 European partners, funded by INTEREG. (2009 to date).

Senior Lecturer (1985 - 2001), Reader (2001 - 2009) at Staffordshire University.

Industrial Experience includes Heat exchanger design, biomass for energy, power plants, cogeneration and trigeneration.

BSc Mechanical Engineering; MSc Computational Thermo-Fluid Mechanics; PhD renewable Energy - Wave Power; Course Leader for MSc Renewable Energy; PhD supervision - currently 4 PhD student as principal supervisor and 3 PhD student - second supervisor.

CEng, chartered engineer; PhD external examiner for the University of Newcastle; External examiner for engineering undergraduate and MSc courses at Harper Adam University.


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