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Professor Judith Allsop

Visiting Professor of Social Policy

Professor Judith Allsop, Visiting Professor of Social Policy

Professor Judith Allsop


Emma Gwinnutt
Professional Assistant 
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Professor Judith Allsop is currently a Visiting Professor at the University of Lincoln. Her teaching and research has focussed on health and health policy, drawing on the disciplines of politics, social policy and the sociology of health and illness.

In recent years, she has investigated the dynamics of complaints and disputes in health care settings and received funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Department of Health and local health authorities. She also carried out a study of the role of patient and carer groups in representing and promoting the interests of people with particular illnesses and conditions. This was funded by the ESRC.

A long standing interest has been the regulation of health professionals. Funding from the Department of Health supported a study to chart the differences in the way health professionals are regulated in the UK and was followed by a comparative study of how doctors were regulated across eight countries. This contributed to the White Paper on the reform of the General Medical Council that is in process. A number of books and articles have been published on the research findings from these projects which, in turn, have led to further collaborative work with scholars and practitioners in other countries in Europe and in Russia, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

Professor Allsop believes that comparison is a powerful tool in policy analysis and reform. As her research has been in areas of interest to policy makers as well as scholars and practitioners, she has been asked to advise, or be a member of, a number of task forces and committees of inquiry at both the local and national level. Currently, she is contributing a chapter to a biography of the physician RD Lawrence who founded the Diabetic Association and a second edition of Researching Health, jointly edited with Professor Saks, is being considered. She is a member of the REF panel that will assess the quality of research in Social Policy and Social Work for 2014.