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Professor John Burgoyne

Visiting Professor of Management Learning


Professor John Burgoyne

Gwenda Palmer
Professional Assistant to the Dean of Suffolk Business School
T: +44 (0)1473 338306

John Burgoyne is Professor of Management Learning in the Department of Management Learning in the Management School, University of Lancaster, of which he is a founding member, and an Associate of Ashridge Management College and Henley Business School.

A psychologist by background, he has worked on the evaluation of management development, the learning process, competencies and self-development, corporate management development policy, career formation, organisational learning, knowledge managing, the virtual organization and leadership.
He has recently completed a two year secondment as Policy Research Consultant to the Council for Excellence in Management and Leadership, a Government sponsored independent inquiry into the development and utilization of management and leadership talent.

He is concerned to apply ideas from research to the practical reconstruction of contemporary organisations through management and leadership development.

He is particularly interested in working with organisations that wish to use the formulation and implementation of Corporate Management Development Policy, and the evaluation of its imlementation as a cornerstone of their efforts to create their futures. His research interests have recently returned to evaluation, and his current focus is evaluation led management education and development policy and practice.