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Professor Bill Tancred, MBE

2008 Honorary Graduate


Professor Bill Tancred, MBE

Professor Bill Tancred is a former double Olympian, world class discus thrower and an international athletics coach. He was born in Felixstowe and currently lives in Sheffield.

Professor Tancred has a keen interest in education and training. After serving in the Army and being a first class instructor in the Army Physical Training Corps, he taught and lectured in schools, colleges, and universities.

Professor Tancred was director of Physical Education and Sport at Sheffield University and Professor of Sport Studies at Buckinghamshire Chiltern University College from which he retired in 2001.

During his career, he was instrumental in developing courses in sports and recreation management and sports coaching. Professor Tancred published numerous articles on sport, health, fitness and sports management, along with a number of books. He has presented numerous papers at conferences and received grant funding for his research.