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Peter Andrew and Rich Stevenson

Graduate in BA (Hons) History

Pete and Rich

Peter Andrew and Rich Stevenson

School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Both Pete and Rich have followed a long line of Suffolk History graduates in going on to teaching training so that they can communicate the joys of History to their own students and inspire the next generation. Both took the in-school training route and are now working as teachers in schools and loving the experience.

Peter Andrew says:

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Suffolk studying History. The close and supportive relationships I built with the lecturers set me on my chosen career path, teaching. The university has great links with local schools, enabling me to get involved in a number of joint projects. These links helped me secure valuable experience helping out in school history classes one day a week for nearly two years! 
The History course also had two essential modules for any career path that you may continue to after Suffolk. The first of these was the 'Group Project', which in my case involved working with like-minded students in creating GCSE revision videos and a website, that was later used in secondary schools I visited in both Suffolk and Essex; the videos alone gaining over 13,000 views! This looked great on my applications, and allowed me to demonstrate a key interest in teaching as a career. The second of these modules was 'Career Planning' which allowed me to gain work experience in a school for a two week period. Being able to experience your chosen work environment for an extended period of time was great, and allowed me to fully understand the way schools work over a longer term basis than one day at a time. 
Without these experiences, I would undoubtedly never have gained a place on the heavily oversubscribed teacher-training places for History! I certainly cannot recommend studying History at Suffolk enough, not only for the head-start it offers in terms of careers, but also the great times you will have with course mates and lecturers."