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Dr Paul Driscoll-Evans

Dean of School of Health and Sports Sciences


Dr Paul Driscoll-Evans

School Co-ordinator
Laura Swinfen 

I have always been passionate about improving the patient experience and regard playing an active role in healthcare education as a central means through which the quality of care provided in the NHS can be enhanced.

I like to create discursive educational environment where ideas can be shared, challenged and critical thinking encouraged. I aspire for my graduates to act as agents of change, using evidence-based practice to improve the provision of health and social care.

I aim to cultivate strong relationships with my students based on mutual respect and an appreciation of the challenges of combining academic study with professional socialisation.

Courses offered by the School of Health and Sports Sciences are associated with very high levels of employability so preparing students for working in health and social care is crucial. To achieve this we ensure that all academic staff maintain a contemporary knowledge of clinical practice and provide students with a wide range of clinical experiences throughout their training to enable them to become highly employable in all settings.