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Mauro Cardoso

BSc (Hon) Sport Performance Analysis, Class of 2020


Mauro Cardoso

Mauro Cardoso from Great Yarmouth, completed his degree in BSc (Hon) Sport Performance Analysis. In his final year Mauro was elected Vice-President of the University’s Students’ Union. 

 “My lasting memories will be the friendships that I built through my course and also through participating in the University men’s football team. I was able to connect with people from around the country and became friends with people who are different from my friends back home.” 

“Before university, I was coaching at a school and working in a warehouse. I was meant to be starting an apprenticeship, but it got cancelled. I felt like I needed more in my life and I wanted to achieve big things. Therefore, I decided to go to university. I wanted to study at the University of Suffolk because of the opportunity to work with professional clubs through my degree course. Before attending university, I felt lost in terms of my career. Now, I am confident in my career choice and I am excited to get going. I am obsessed with being successful so I can support my whole family. My parents worked hard, extremely hard, to bring me to England from Portugal, so all I want to do is repay them.”