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Matthew C. Applegate

Lecturer in Computer Games Programming

Matthew C. Applegate

T: 01473 338812

Matthew C. Applegate is an internationally renown multi-disciplinary artist and designer. He has worked with Sony, Apple, Samsung, Honda, Google, Disney and several other international technology companies and organisations to deliver projects in his varied career as a Technologist. In addition to this he has also worked with the BBC, the National Museum of Computing, UK Parliament, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, The Cabinet Office, the British Medical Journal, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Barbican to deliver coding and technology events.  

He is the Founder and Director of the Creative Computing Club, an after school computing club which now works with around 120 children in Suffolk to teach them computer programming, electronics, video games design, robotics and more.

Matthew holds a Masters in Design Context and Analysis from University Campus Suffolk and a Postgraduate Education Studies Certificate from the University of Cambridge. He became a Google Certified Teacher in 2014 and a Google Certified Innovator in 2015. He is a Fellow for the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, a founding member of the Alan Turing Centenary Committee and on the Management Committee for Parkside School in Ipswich, where he also teaches regularly.

Matthew's main area of focus for teaching is computer programming, however this includes augmented reality, virtual reality, sound design and music participation.

Matthew's primary research focus has been on lowering the entry part into music participation through the use of familiar technology such as video games controllers and mobile phones.

Matthew is heavily focussed on developing the Creative Computing Club and to integrate it further into local schools.

Selected publications

  • Applegate, M. (2011). 'Cultural perceptions, ownership and interaction with re-purposed musical instruments'.  Journal of Music, Technology and Education, 3(2). pp.93-106
  • Applegate, M. (2012). 'Handheld Orchestra'.  The International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition.  Leeds.  27th April 2012
  • Applegate, M.C. (2016). 'Re-designing the familiar: how effective are directional control pads in developing musicianship in 8-12 year old children?  In King, Andrew, and Himonides, Evangelos, (eds.), Music, Education, Technology: Critical Perspectives. Surrey: Ashgate