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Madeleine Jackaman

Maggie Jackaman

Madeleine Jackaman

Madeleine Jackaman runs Suffolk and Essex Small Animal Welfare (SESAW), a registered charity which cares for and re-homes injured and homeless animals.  

Animal rescue started with her late husband Ron, at their Leavenheath home over twenty-five years ago.  400 animals are re-homed annually by SESAW and wildlife casualties are taken in too.  

Through the work of SESAW, the lives of new owners are enhanced, volunteers with health problems benefit and others lacking confidence have prospered and found work and students have gained work experience.

Maggie previously worked for the Milk Marketing Board, the Fire Service and British Telecom.   She also volunteered at the Citizens Advice Bureau and served twenty-two years as a Parish Councillor, ten of them as Chair.

In 2016, she received a Babergh District Council Community Achievement Award.   Maggie accepted the award- and this Honorary Fellowship- on behalf of the volunteers who are the mainstay of SESAW.