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Faces of Suffolk



Creating my own film production business is something I had always wanted to do. I was 16 and I remember appreciating Warner Bros and thinking it would be cool to create something of my own, something to give an identity to my work. I didn’t realise the magnitude of it back then and I didn’t have any training in running a business.

It was hard starting my business, but I think that’s the excitement and the thrill of it. Some people were really inspired and thought it was a good thing; others were concerned because I was young and I had to learn the business side of it.

I’ve always seen myself in the film industry and I really want to focus on my business when I graduate. I’ve put a lot of effort in since I was 16 so if I was to leave university and stop my business, it wouldn’t feel right.

I think it’s important not to get down when things get tough. I can talk from experience and say that there have been times when it’s been hard to get work or when there’s been a lot of competition.

Take every chance you have, because otherwise if something big comes up, you’re going to regret not taking it. That’s my outlook.

Luke - Village Green Pictures

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