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Lisa Leggett

Apprentice - Digital and Technology Solutions (Software Engineering)

Lisa Leggett1

Lisa Leggett

Lisa Leggett is a third-year student on the Software Engineering degree apprenticeship. Her employer and team at Tendring District Council, have been instrumental in developing systems which have played a big part in supporting local communities, vulnerable residents, volunteers and businesses and during the pandemic. This has proved to be very challenging but Lisa continues to utilise her new skills in order to take on difficult projects in her current job role, and to reduce reliance on third party suppliers and systems.

Much of the module content on Lisa’s apprenticeship programme has lent itself to virtual learning without too many difficulties and although she feels that the student body missed being able to bounce ideas off of tutors and their classmates, the staff have been very good at adapting to this new learning platform to provide the best possible learner experience. In addition to working and studying, Lisa has been home-schooling her children which has added an extra pressure!

Yet despite the challenges posed to her, Lisa feels that her experience as an apprentice has been what she had expected and has supported her in having an immediate impact on the community by putting her learning into practice.

Lisa would advise anyone considering a higher or degree apprenticeship to think carefully about their motivations as they will need to be able to multi-task, juggle priorities and put in a lot of time and effort in order to be successful. If prepared to do so, then she feels that it will be a very rewarding endeavour!