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Leesha Daniells

Hi I'm Leesha and I study BA (Hon) Politics. 

I am a member of the University Netball Team, which has training on Monday evenings. The team is a really lovely group of girls who really look out for each other, always strive to have fun, socialise outside of sport too and I've made some really great friends in the team. I have also really enjoyed competing with the netball team in
British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) which are the inter-university competitions and it's also been a way of meeting students from different Universities and seeing different towns and cities. 

I attend the Pilates class on a Tuesday night. Before University I had never tried Pilates before, but since I've started attending I have learnt a lot more about the importance of breathing during exercise and have noticed a real difference in my flexibility and core strength. I have found that the classes are a really comfortable setting and after every session I come out feeling really stretched out and good. 

I am the President of the University Badminton Team, and as a Tennis and Squash player I find that being a member of the team has really helped me. The social session on a Thursday is a really comfortable atmosphere and is a chance to just hit a shuttlecock around, but I also enjoy the competitive sessions where we focus on improving our skills. 

It is so important to be active because for me, it really helps to clear my mind, especially after a day of studying. Sometimes when it's raining and I have been inside my flat all day I struggle to attend sports, but once I'm there I feel so much better instantly. Sport is a chance to clear my head of all my stresses and worries because in that moment, I have to focus on the sport or activity that I'm doing instead of focusing on what I have been worrying about. The sessions I attend have led to me building so many friendships with people that I wouldn't know otherwise and playing competitively as a team helps to build our friendship bond further.