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Lauren Ryder

BA (Hons) Social Work final year student


Lauren Ryder

I chose to study at the University of Suffolk because it was a very welcoming environment, the course offers a range of different modules to gain knowledge in the varying aspects of the job and I felt this offers the chance to gain that little bit of extra experience.

The University offers a lot of support, with specialised academic services to help if you need a bit more support through the degree.

I chose to study Social Work because it’s an exciting career, I started the degree with the cliché answer of wanting to help people and I still hold that answer. Social work is full of highs and lows but making a difference, even in the smallest of ways, makes the biggest of difference. 

There is never a day the same as a previous, but that’s what makes it exciting. You get the chance to meet a diverse range of people and help them in a time when they need support and guidance which makes the job worth it. There are of course the lows, but think of the difference that has been made already. 

The best thing about the course is the range of placement opportunities, being able to learn on the job to gain real experience in the real job, there is a flexibility in counties, I live in Essex and have been able to complete my final year placement in Chelmsford giving me the experience in the local authority I hope to work in when I qualify.

Being able to gain experience in a statuary setting before qualifying gives you the most valuable learning experience, allowing you to apply knowledge and theory to practice and the direct experience of social work.

I enjoy the amount of experience you gain in a safe environment, there are a number of guest speakers who are able to give their experience either as a social worker or as a service user. The lecturers are all highly knowledgeable in different fields of social work, allowing students to gain first-hand knowledge of what the different areas of social work are like.

There are varying ways of learning in lectures and placement it caters to a large amount of people.

The degree is such a valuable degree to have, you gain so many skills and so much experience, through placement, lectures, presentations and training, you learn so much about yourself and grow so much as a person throughout the course, take any opportunity you get it may feel like things are unachievable and you can’t do it anymore but carry on, it’s all worth it.

After I graduate I want to be a Social Worker in a children and families team.