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Laura Messer

PhD Student

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Laura Messer

Until now, studying has been a hobby for me. I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications part-time, whilst in full-time employment. Part of the motivation to progress to PhD study was to understand my sector better. At work, I witnessed colleagues creating opportunities and being frustrated at obstacles, which gave me the drive to investigate the arising challenges and establish strategies for success.

The focus of my research has allowed me to develop my skills in the analysis of large and complex data sets, critically scrutinising to find opportunities for advanced problem solving. This experience has given me the confidence and insight to engage at a higher level at work and contribute to a variety projects, demonstrating the value of my study to my colleagues.

The academic support has been tailored to my individual needs and personal approach to research. I am constantly encouraged to explore new ways of thinking, enhancing my intellectual abilities in exciting ways I did not know possible.