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Klisha Gandhi

Business Management Graduate


Klisha Gandhi

I was really impressed with the state-of-the-art facilities at the University of Suffolk and also the family feel. I’m from London so Ipswich was close enough to go home to my parents when I wanted to. The student accommodation, Athena Hall, was my deciding factor as they are modern halls and overlooking the stunning Waterfront too.

My lectures were interactive so we were learning all the time as opposed to just being 'lectured' for three hours continuously. You never felt you were on your own when studying. You always had support whether it was from lecturers or whilst in the library studying with classmates. 

In our Entrepreneurship module we were required to pitch ideas like you would in the 'Dragons Den'. This was enjoyable as we learnt about how to build a business from scratch and how to present this to perspective investors etc. Real life examples were also always used which I can now relate to in the working world. 

The smaller classes and tutorials meant you could ask lecturers questions with ease and consolidate your understanding. The lecturers always had time to support you to ensure you could achieve the highest grades possible. 

I work in 'The City' now as a Marketer for a firm in the Financial Service sector. My time at University of Suffolk greatly helped with this as we were taught with examples relating to the real business world. Our assignments related to topical issues; I gave examples of this during my interview with the company I currently work and they were really impressed. A module which helped in particular was Career and Professional Development which prepared us with interview techniques, how to prepare a portfolio, and examples of the STAR technique you can use for interviews. 

My advice for students is to work hard and play hard! To get involved and to make the most of your student life at University of Suffolk. Make the most of the opportunities presented and extra-curricular activities too. It’s those little things on your CV which will make you stand out in the working world.