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Bioscience Student



I am currently studying the BSc (Hons) Bioscience degree and I decided to do this course as I really like to be involved in genetics and in biotechnological research. This has always been a dream of mine since leaving high school and this course is a great way of getting into it. Here at the University of Suffolk, we have some prominent lecturers who have supplied us with some great modules for our research and this really helps to make my university experience very enjoyable.

This University holds a lot of seminars and events around the modules or degree you are studying that helps to build you as a future professional, not only on an educational level, but also on a personal level. One of the things that made me really enjoy this place is the fact that since I've been here, I have been welcomed with open arms by everyone. In addition, I am always surrounded by a great variety of sports and events around the University that I really enjoy being involved in!

If you are looking for a Bioscience degree, I would very much recommend the University of Suffolk. You will be provided with personalised teaching, which will allow you to have some opportunities that you might not have in other universities, such as being involved in cell culture. There has recently been a chance to visit a cell bank in the second year of the degree, which is a great opportunity for students when they finish their graduation and provide them with opportunities when they are looking to get involved in the professional world.