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Kevin de Keijzer

BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning student

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Kevin de Keijzer

I was born and raised in Singapore until the age of 7, before moving to Philippines for 11 years. Growing up in the Philippines was a wonderful experience but I found myself at 17 with no goals, poor grades, and what felt like bleak prospects ahead of me. I then bucked my ideas up and forced myself to work as hard as I could for my last year of high school, where I recognised my passion for sport and coaching. Following this, I moved to Suffolk, to submerse myself in football and a completely new culture and country.

I chose the University of Suffolk because of the practical opportunities that were available to us outside of classes to learn, apply, and grow as practitioners, which I knew was essential to employment at the end of the course. I also wanted to spend my final years maturing as an adult away from home because I knew it would help my personal growth.

Ipswich is a beautiful town just outside of London and only a short trip away from Stansted airport, making travel to visit family a little bit easier. Spending three years and deciding to do another for my masters at Suffolk has been an easy and great choice. I have fallen in love with the countryside and the town’s beautiful waterfront where I spend most of my time studying and working with my tutors on projects.

I chose strength and conditioning because I was passionate about physical preparation for elite athletes. My ultimate goal is to work at Juventus F.C. in the future and although that is still my ambition, being at University has taught me that there is much more to life than just professional development. I have learnt to appreciate the coaching, research, and teaching element that surrounds Strength and conditioning. My time at university has allowed me to delve into the different pathways for me to consider which one is best for me at the end of my degree.

The course has taught me everything from how to interact with professionals in high-pressure environments, such as a football clubs, to how to apply contemporary research in a practical and efficient manner with athletes. I also appreciate the fact that if you apply yourself and show interest, staff really take notice and help you out as much as they can. All the staff are constantly looking to grow and improve, moulding this university evermore into a fantastic institution for learning. I feel like I have been a part of this, and so can you, all you need to do is give 100%. Finally finding my passion, working towards improving alongside other driven individuals under the guidance of our tutors has made this course what it is. I feel like I have finally given my ambitions and myself the time and effort necessary to grow and achieve my full potential.

Being at University away from family and friends forces you to spend time with yourself and really get to know what you want out of life and this course. Along the way, the friendships and professional relationships I developed through internships and extracurricular activities have meant that I have met like-minded people and learnt from them just as much as the textbooks. My time away from home has also taught me how important family and friends are. My time at Suffolk has moulded me into who I am today.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you get yourself out there and just let yourself make friends. I currently live with one of the first people I met at University, so take every opportunity to go out and meet people because you never know where that friendship will take you. Make the most of your course and utilise all of the resources available to you, just like with relationships, build yourself up from day 1 so that when you look back at your University years you are truly proud of what you have achieved.