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Keith Hotchkiss

PhD Student

Our university

Keith Hotchkiss

In 2016 I decided to return to higher education, after a break of over 20 years. Having held senior management roles in the NHS and third sector, I decided to undertake an MBA at the University of Suffolk. Following successful completion, and discovering a love of learning, I enrolled on my doctoral pathway.

My past employment experiences have enhanced my understanding of the theoretical study and how it can be applied in real-life situations. This has given me a real advantage and enabled me to tackle certain research themes confidently. I have also been able
to utilise a large network of professional contacts, several in very senior positions, to provide sector-specific and industry insights when required.

With expert supervision, I have been guided through my studies and find myself progressing at a comfortable pace. Collectively they know exactly how to push me forward in my research to discover new knowledge and enhance my understanding of my subject area.

Undertaking research is a great way of looking at a specific topic in detail, with the view of developing a greater understanding of it. The skills I have gained are transferable into the workplace and enhance the way I work on a daily basis.