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Kaylee Oxbrow

BA (Hons) Social Work

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Kaylee Oxbrow

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I am a very indecisive person and find it difficult to make decisions, particularly when it is one that will have such a huge impact on my life and future career. I was accepted for an interview at three different universities. When I went to the interview at the University of Suffolk the tutors were very friendly and easy to talk to, they made the day very enjoyable and helped to ease my nerves. Something just felt right and after getting accepted, I cancelled my other interviews because I just knew Suffolk was for me.

The Social Work degree was a big factor in my choice too. For me, the placements are the best part of the degree. You meet so many incredible people and get to apply all your academic knowledge into practice. You get lots of support from your practice educators and they always go out of their way to provide you with as many learning opportunities as possible. I am an active learner so placements are really where I can develop knowledge and gain confidence.

I always wanted to go into children’s social work, however since beginning my adult’s placement I have completely changed my mind. I learn something new each day and really enjoy speaking, listening and supporting adults. I feel very passionate about adult care because sometimes the service users just want someone to listen to them and are very appreciative, which is very rewarding.

My favourite modules have been Effective Communication, and Law, Policy and Practice in Social Work. The communication module was very relevant because, it is paramount in social work. The way we communicate and respond to services users can have a lasting effect on them, so it is extremely important that we are aware of this. Law and Policy, I found so interesting and the tutors were amazing at supporting us with it. I learnt so much about law and policy that underpins social work practice and was able to bring this into my practice at placement.

One of my favourite things about university is my cohort, we are all very close, almost like a family. Everyone is always willing to help and support one another.