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Kay Richards

Library Services Manager

Learning Services


Kay Richards

Tel: 01473 338704


I am the Library Services Manager, starting in July 2016.

I have a degree Theatre Design (2009) from Nottingham Trent University and an MA in Librarianship (2015) from Loughborough University. 

From 2009 onwards, I worked in many varied roles from Assistant Designer at York Theatre Royal to Set Builder at Rocket Scenery to Assistant Manager at a community art gallery, settling at Nottingham City Libraries in 2013 where I worked for 3 years, working my way up to Library Development Officer and completing my MA in Librarianship. 

In 2016, I relocated to Suffolk and took up my post at the University. My role here is to manage and develop library services including; helpdesk provision during both office hours and evening and weekends; circulation; external borrowers scheme; interlibrary loan services and acquisitions. 

I am also responsible for delivering and developing user engagement activities such as Critical Friends in order to gather feedback to improve our services.