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Dr Joanna Frew

Lecturer in History

Jo Frew

Dr Joanna Frew





After gaining an MA in History and International Relations from Aberdeen University, Joanna worked in a campaigning organisation for 10 years. Returning to study an MA in Law, Development and Globalisation at the School of Asian and African Studies (SOAS, University of London) Joanna found herself asking questions about its history and about the connections between imposed social change at ‘home’ and in the colonial setting. Joanna was supported by the AHRC to complete a PhD at the University of Essex. Joanna teaches Imperial History at Suffolk and is also a researcher for Drone Wars UK.


The British Empire, 1607-1997

Research interests

Joanna's research has focussed on Scottish experience in India during the period of territorial conquest in the late eighteenth century. It has investigated questions such as what influenced administrators in imperial outposts in rural South India, how did they understood their role in the empire and what role did their social and economic background play in the policies they created?


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