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Jessica Mower

English student

Jessica Mower

When applying for university, I wanted to stay close to home but also receive the best education and quality of teaching that I could get. I certainly got all this and more at the University of Suffolk. My lecturers are incredibly intelligent, inspiring and always very supportive. I’ve made friends for life and I am so glad I chose to remain in my home town.

I chose this course mainly because I loved studying English through school and at A-Level. I have learnt so much throughout my degree. The English course is made up of both literature and linguistics modules, which makes it very interesting. My aspiration is to become a secondary school teacher so I am aware of how important it is to have knowledge of both English literature and language.

Not long after finishing my degree I will begin my PGCE to become an English teacher in Secondary Education. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was around 15 years old, and my degree has enabled me to gain the confidence and knowledge that I will need for my chosen profession.

Ultimately, everything I have learnt will support my future in some way or another. I have achievedmore in my three years at university than I ever imagined. My advice to all new students is to stay calm, keep your head screwed on, and aim as high as you can, as life truly has no limits.