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Jasmine Helm-Stovell


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Jasmine Helm-Stovell

I'm  Jasmine and I am in my second year of English Literature and Creative Writing.

I am president of the Pole Fitness Society, meaning I attend classes every Monday and make sure everyone is having a good time! What members learn is very focused on what they are interested in which could be dance, spins or inversions. I also take part in Pilates classes on Tuesday where I build strength and improve flexibility. 

I think it is important to be fit and active because so many people see exercise as a negative thing, but I believe that's because most people believe the gym is the best place to go for getting healthy - I disagree with this! I think most people enjoy exercising so much more when they are learning a new skill and seeing progress such as in Pole or Dance. I also think the sense of community the societies create are so important because they offer so much support to people who may feel less confident when it comes to exercising.