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Jan Mitcheson

Senior Lecturer

Jan Mitcheson

Jan Mitcheson

T: 01473 338645

Office: Academic Staff Office, 2nd Floor, Waterfront Building


Jan is programme leader for the Specialist Community Public Health Nursing programme for health visiting and school nursing and module leader for Effective Leadership in Health and Social Care. Jan has a passion and enthusiasm for supporting innovation and development to deliver the best service possible. She believes that everyone can make a difference and is committed to working to make change possible and develop potential in individuals and organisations.

Research Interests and Publications

Jan's research interests have focused on the interaction between practitioners and clients and more recently has explored the impact of relationships on organisational effectiveness. Jan currently works part time and fills the rest of her week as Deputy Director at a relationship research and innovation charity OnePlusOne based in London, where she is working on a number of national research/innovation projects focused on relational capability, employer wellbeing and embedding relationship support in local authorities.