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Jamie Ballisat

Sport and Exercise Graduate and MSc Regenerative Medicine Student


Jamie Ballisat

I studied BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Suffolk, in which I was provided with every opportunity I needed to succeed. The required level of independence from sixth form to university can be a big step up, especially if you are studying in an area that you are less confident. However, my lecturers were very supportive and delivered lectures in a relaxed style that enabled students to feel comfortable in the university environment. Then, if needed, they were always available for further support and guidance outside of lectures. This was a big factor in so many people succeeding. 

Additionally, practical experience was extensive, developing everybody into fully competent sport scientists, which significantly improves your employability and the ability to stand out amongst others. Few students get the practical experience that Suffolk students do.

Now I am studying the postgraduate course MSc Regenerative Medicine and I am constantly learning that all the same great opportunities, and more, are provided at postgraduate level too. The lecturers have provided me with the opportunity and skills to progress beyond what I ever thought was possible in such a short time after completing undergraduate study. All of the lecturers are extremely encouraging and give students extra attention, teaching them to an outstanding level, both academically and practically.

I thought that studying a Masters degree would be extremely difficult, especially as I didn't have the level of background knowledge that my peers had at the beginning of the year, however despite being challenging, it is very much possible.

Now I am collaborating with one of my fellow students, working with our supervising lecturer to conduct valuable experiments that will be presented at an international conference. The opportunity to participate in such an event is something I never thought I would get during my time at university. 

If you have doubts about which university you should apply for, I highly recommend studying at the University of Suffolk, especially within the Science department.