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Jamie Parslow-Williams

MBA Graduate and PhD student


Jamie Parslow-Williams

I chose the University of Suffolk through another course that was delivered at the Great Yarmouth Campus, but due to a vital staff member moving on they couldn't deliver the course and as a result, I was referred to the InfoZone. The team looked at my CV and after a few conversations, they asked me about my career goals and aspirations, of which an MBA was on the list to do in the future. One of the team then suggested that my experience of being a director of a small business and a school Governor would go towards the entry requirements for the course. 

I was then given the opportunity to have an interview with the course leader for the MBA, who spent time listening to my experiences and concluded that I would satisfy the requirements of the course, within a month of this meeting I was enrolled on the MBA. I was also attracted to the University of Suffolk because their pricing for the MBA was more competitive than other establishments within my area.

With the course being cancelled at the Great Yarmouth Campus, it seemed that the MBA chose me. My personal development plan had an MBA on my list of achievements to obtain at some future point, but this goal was brought forward with the course leader’s confidence in me.

The main purpose of choosing an MBA is because I wanted to demonstrate and prove that I had the analytical, reflective and relevant skills to work at this level of academia. It has also equipped and enabled me to use this course as a stepping stone to apply for and start a PhD also at the University of Suffolk.  

The best part about the course was that I enjoyed the challenge that the MBA offered me, it took me out of the comfort zone that I was accustomed to and enriched my knowledge. The expertise and passion from the lecturers were second to none, with all of them offering a supported environment to learn and grow, but to encourage new ideas and challenge.  

I enjoyed the experience of making new friends, many of whom came from different areas of expertise as well as many different countries, it was this diversity that I believe enriched the learning environment. But to work at this level and to contribute towards the success of myself and others was also a highlight of the course, it was the collection of my MBA at the graduation ceremony that was the icing on the cake!  

My advice to applicants thinking of coming to this establishment is that you will be challenged, but to know that this will be done in a nurturing and supported environment. The diversity of lecturers with a plethora of their experiences and knowledge makes for an interesting time, something that I believe you will look back upon with fondness.