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Jakob Todd

Graphic Design (Graphic Illustration) graduate

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Jakob Todd

I was attracted to the Graphic Design course partially because of the high standard of work showcased, but also because of the course's phenomenal reputation amongst students and graduates. With something as creative and personal as design, it's important to feel comfortable in your environment in order to freely explore ideas, something that was always a prominent feature in the feedback from students on the course. 

 I've personally benefitted most from learning how to think both critically and creatively, the two sides of the Graphic Design coin. The basis for all great design is a great idea and to do that you need both aspects of thinking, something the course encourages brilliantly. And through a huge range of varied projects, I learnt how to apply that thinking in many different situations, something I've found invaluable since graduating. 

The Graphic Design course not only helped me get a foothold in the industry but also gave me the personal confidence and belief to do so. The consistent standard of great designers, not just design, that the course produces is a testament to the quality and hard efforts of the staff behind it.