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Ionela Tofan

BSc (Hons) Criminology student

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Ionela Tofan

I have successfully completed my Criminology degree at the University of Suffolk. I chose to study Criminology because I was, and I am still interested in the criminal behaviour. During my degree, I discovered various perspectives and areas which explains the criminal behaviour. It was a great journey through law, criminal justice, youth justice, psychology, policing and penology.

 I applied to University of Suffolk because the challenge of moving in another country was already big enough and I wanted to find a place where I could easily accommodate. It proved to be the best decision. At the University of Suffolk, everyone is friendly and happy to help you, there are multiple facilities for students, and the tutors and lecturers are there to support you anytime you need them.

Overall, I made the best decision to study Criminology at the University of Suffolk, and if I were to choose again, I would still do the same thing over and over again. Thank you, University of Suffolk.