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I always knew I wanted to work within the care setting. I considered dance, which is very different, but decided on midwifery because everything about pregnancy and how the baby develops really fascinates me. I’ve always found the human body interesting. Midwifery isn’t something you’re really exposed to in school, however, aspects of pregnancy and fetal development were mentioned in biology, so this is where my passion began.

I was worried that not having children and being young might set me back; I thought people would wonder how I could care for someone who is having a baby, when I haven’t experienced that myself. But we all have our own strengths and we are all learning how to communicate with women and their families.

Something essential as an aspiring midwife is having an emotional connection. You have to advocate women, listen to their needs and be proactive in fulfilling their wishes for pregnancy and birth. There are lots of movements promoting positive birth and helping women to have more control over their labour, so possessing an empathetic quality is crucial.

Many students leaving sixth form have hopes of moving away from home. I feel as though I did the unconventional thing by staying at home to study, but I wouldn’t have done it any other way. The course is very demanding with balancing study and clinical placement, so having my home comforts has really helped.

I’ve always had an artistic side and making revision posters benefits me as I’m a visual learner. I used them throughout my GCSEs and A levels, but it wasn’t until I began my midwifery training that I set up an Instagram account dedicated to my studies, hoping that it might help other students too.

People started contacting me saying that they loved my artwork and even asking to buy it, which was really overwhelming. Based on this response, I set up my own website and it’s been really exciting. The students in my cohort have been so supportive and I can’t wait to share the next two years with them!

My advice in life is just to give it a go. Often you have nothing to lose and if you show that you have a passion, somebody will take notice. Life is too short not to try. 

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